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Title: The Long-Term Consequences of Early Life Exposure to Tsunami and Conflict on Adolescents in Sri Lanka
Authors: Devakumar, Delan
Busert, Laura
Sathiadas, M.G.
Jayawardana, Pushpika
Arulpragasam, Angela
Osmond, Clive
Caroline, H. D. Fall,
C. K. Wells, Jonathan
Wickramasinghe, V. Pujitha
Keywords: Tsunami
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Sage
Citation: Devakumar, D., Busert, L., Sathiadas, M. G., Jayawardana, P., Arulpragasam, A., Osmond, C., ... & Wickramasinghe, V. P. (2023). The long-term consequences of early life exposure to tsunami and conflict on adolescents in Sri Lanka. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 35(2-3), 112-120.
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