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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Obstructive sleep apnea and associated factors among individuals above the age of 50 years in Northern Province, Sri LankaPowsiga, U.; Sheron, V.A.; Kaneshamoorthy, S.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Kumarendran, B.; Guruparan, M.; Lip, G.Y.H.; Thomas, G.N.; Nirantharakumar, K.; Gooden, T.E.; Haniffa, R.; Beane, A.; Kodippily, C.; Kumaran, S.
2013Occupational health and safety related practices & factors influencing on it in motor vehicles repair & maintenance centers in the area of MOH,Nallur & JaffnaShanmuganathan, T.; Sufad, MMM; Coonghe, PAD; Nagendran, K.
2013Occurrence of the ventilator associated pneumonia and there etiological and antibiotic sensitivity pattern in medical intensive care unit,Teaching hospital JaffnaMark Mithulan, F.J.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy; Kumanan, T.
2020Online video gaming and associated personal and academic factors among G.C.E. A/L students of Jaffna Educational DivisionHamsavakini, N.; Dhadchayini, R.; Samarasinghe, S.A.N.D.; Murali, V.; Menaka, S.
2020The optic fundus of secondary polycythaemiaKumanan, T.; Malaravan, M.
1995Optimization of a medium for Bacillus licheniformis 6346 to produce alpha-amylase by solid state fermentationTambyrajah, W.S.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
2010Optimization of bread preparation from wheat flour and malted rice flourSubajiny, Veluppillai; Ketheeswary, Nithiyanantharajah; Vasantharuba, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1994Optimization of culture conditions for production from Aspergillus niger by solid substrate fermentationVasanthe, Shanmuganathan; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
2009Optimization of culture conditions for baker's yeast cell mass production-a preliminary studyInparuban, K.; Vasantharuba, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2005Optimization of culture conditions for protease production by Bacillus licheniformis M27Kirubaharan, T.; Senthuran, A.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2010Optimization of culture conditions for α-amylase production by Bacillus licheniformisVaseekaran, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2012Optimization of culture conditions to yield high alkaline protease titreAnpalagan, V.C; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2000Optimization of fermentation conditions for α-amylase production from Aspergillus oryzae-B12Senthuran, Vasanthe; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
2011Optimization of inoculum for α-amylase production by locally isolated Bacillus licheniformisVaseekaran, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2008Optimization of media compositions to improve α-amylase production by Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 6346Vengadaramana, A.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1988Optimization of parameters for bioconversion of starch to glucoseArasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.; Larsson, Mats; Mattiasson, Bo
2011Optimization of the medium for better α-amylase production from Bacillus licheniformisVaseekaran, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2012Osmo,thermo-and ethanol-tolerances of Saccharomyces cerevisiae S1Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1994Our health is in our hands(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2011Outbreak of foodborne illnesses in Jaffna districtMuralithas, M.; Ubeyratne, J.K.H.; Kandeepan, K.; Surenthirakumaran, R.