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2021Analysis of length of ureter in adult patients who underwent computed tomography urogram in teaching hospital JaffnaResearch abstractBalagobi, B.; Jenil, A.; Dilan, J.; Suvethini, L.
2014Boerhaave’s syndrome: Conservative management followed early diagnosisJournal abstractBalagobi, B.; Raviraj, S.; Sarma, S.T.
2019A case of large, benign, solitary fibrous tumour of the prostate causing obstructive uropathyCase reportde Silva, G.P.U.P.; Wanasinghe, W.M.M.A.; Ambegoda, A.L.A.M.C.; Kumara, M.G.S.R.; Balagobi, B.; Sosai, C.S.P.; Abeygunasekera, A.M.
2021A case report of post-surgical page kidney due to extensive renal hematoma following percutaneous nephrolithotomyCase reportSivashankar, Meganathan; Balagobi, B.; Perera, Neville D.; Nalin Ruvinda, Palehepitiya Gamage
2016Clinicopathological profile of malignancies treated in a urology unit over a period of five yearsJournal full textSutharshan, Kugadas; Balagobi, B.; Gajasinghe, S.; Sasikumar, S.; Weligamage, A.; Ishak, M.; Maddumage, H.; Abeygunasekera1, A.M.
2016Clinicopathological profile of urological cancers treated in a urology unit of Sri Lanka over a period of five yearsResearch abstract(Poster)Seneth, Gajasinghe; Sasikumar, S.; Balagobi, B.; Hansika, Maddumage; Gobi, U.; Anuruddha, Abeygunasekera
2020Emphysematous PyelonephritisReview articleBalagobi, B.; Nitharsanan, M.; Thanusan, V.
2020Emphysematous PyelonephritisReview articleBalagobi, B.; Nitharsanan, M.; Thanusan, V.
2021Giant Mullerian duct cyst in an adult presented as symptomatic pelvic mass: a case reportResearch abstract(Poster)Balagobi, B.; Sarma, S.T.; Sriluxayini, M.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Sanjeyan, J.; Suvethini, L.
2020Iatrogenic ureteric injury complicated with large life threatening retro-peritoneal abscess, treated with minimal invasive techniques : a case reportReview articleNitharsanan, M.; Jenill, A.A.; Balagobi, B.; Ketheeswary, S.; Rogilson, A.A.; Gobishangar, S.
2021Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour : report of a rare form of bladder tumourResearch abstract(Poster)Balagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Sarma, S.T.; Ginige, A.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Sanjeyan, J.; Suvethini, L.
2018Management of renal malignancies in von Hippel Lindau syndrome: a study of five casesResearch abstractThilakarathna, S.; Kumara, M.G.S.R.; Gunasekara, P.D.; Balagobi, B.; Epa, W.A.; Abeygunasekera, A.M.
2012Medium of language in discharge summaries : would the use of native language improve patients’ knowledge of their illness and medications?Journal full textPerera, K.Y.S.; Priyanga, Ranasinghe; Adikari, A.M.M.C.; Balagobi, B.; Constantine, G.R.; Jayasinghe, Saroj
2017New developments in chyluria after global programs to eliminate lymphatic filariasisReview articleAbeygunasekera, Anuruddha M.; Sutharshan, Kugadas; Balagobi, B.
2020A Novel hybrid technique for ventriculo-vesical shunting for traumatic hydrocephalusResearch abstract(Poster)Shelton, J.; Balagobi, B.; Ragavan, S.
2017Outcome of uncomplicated ureteric calculi managed with medical expulsive therapy in the outpatient clinic of a urology unit in Sri LankaJournal full textJayawardene, Malaka Dharmakeerthi; Balagobi, B.; Ambegoda, A. L. A. M. C.; Sanjeewa, Vidanapathirana; Wijayagunawardane, G. W. A. S. K.; Senthan, V.; Ranasinghe, D. D.; Anuruddha M., Abeygunasekera
2016Pathological and demographics characteristics of renal tumours treated at a tertiary care hospital in Sri LankaResearch abstractBalagobi, B.; Kalhar, Indika; Muditha, Samaraweera; Suranga, Wijayarathna; Hansika, Maddumage; Kugadas, Sutharshan; Swarn, Suvendran; Anuruddha, Abeygunasekera
2021Pattern of urological malignancies treated in teaching hospital JaffnaResearch abstractBalagobi, B.; Sathesan, B.; Sarma, S.T.; Ladsiyan, M.
2021Perception of virtual learning during Covid 19 pandemic by recently graduated Medical Students, University of JaffnaResearch abstractRajendra, S.; Balagobi, B.; Luckshi, M.
2019A prospective study on aetiology and outcome of haemospermia from a urology unit in Sri LankaJournal full textSopan, Sivanandan; Wijayarathna, Suranga, N.; Balagobi, B.; R Kumara, M G Sagara; A L A Madura, C Ambegoda; M Abeygunasekera, Anuruddha
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