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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Influence of personal factors on the perceived stress level of students of College of Nursing,Jaffna.Sathees, S.; Sivapalan, K.; Sivayogan, S.
2019Influence of Socio-Demographic factors on Self-Foot care practices among the patients with type2 diabetic mellitus attending medical clinic, Teaching Hospital, JaffnaShamanthi, A.; Sivapalan, K.; Kamalarupan, L.
1994Introduction to diabetes(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
1994Introduction to immunity-part-1(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
1994Introduction to immunity-part-II (Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2018Knowledge and attitude towards HIV infection/AIDS among nursing students of college of nursing in JaffnaNirushitha, L.; Thabotharan, Deivy; Sivapalan, K.
2014Knowledge, Compliance and factors influencing the compliance of universal precautions among nursesSivapalan, K.
2012Knowledge,Compliance, and Factors Influence the Compliance of Universal Precautions among NursesJegapragash, V.; Sivapalan, K.
1994Let us eat local food(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2013Lung function parameters of muslim students at university of JaffnaBalasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.
2013Lung function parameters of tamil students at faculty of medicine,JaffnaBalasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.; Thuvarathipan, R.; Arujun, R.
2014Lung funtion parameters of healthy Sri Lankan tamil young adultsBalasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.; Thuvarathipan, R.
2014Manual for medical physiology practicalSivapalan, K.
2011Manual for physiology practicalSivapalan, K.; Gunarajasingam, D.
2009Medical education in JaffnaSivapalan, K.
2015Microbial contamination of public drinking water sources and associated factors in Kopay Medical Officer of Health area Jaffna, Sri LankaArulnesan, C.A; Kamsan, S.; Rajeshkannan, Nadarajah; Sivapalan, K.; Murugananthan, Kalamathy
2015Normative median and ulnar nerve conduction parameters in young adultsBalasubramaniam, M.; Arujun, R.; Sivapalan, K.; Keshavaraj, A.
2016A Normogram for peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) of Sri Lankan Tamil children in Jaffna districtShobijah, K.; Vasiharan, N.; Puvana, A.; Nusra, M.P.F.; Balasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.
1993Nutrients and health(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
1993Nutritional aspects of food and food habitsSivapalan, K.