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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Patterns of lower extremity amputation and known risk factors among the lower limb amputees at Teaching Hospital JaffnaNuskiya, M.N.F.; Safras, M.S.M.; Jisla, M.J.F.; Vijerathna, H.K.W.S.; Anne Nirushala, S.; Coonghe, PAD; Sarma, S.T.
2021Pattern of urological malignancies treated in teaching hospital JaffnaBalagobi, B.; Sathesan, B.; Sarma, S.T.; Ladsiyan, M.
2021Knowledge and associated factors on prevention of deep vein thrombosis among the nurses working at Teaching Hospital JaffnaThilini, P.K.; Jegapragash, V.; Sarma, S.T.
2021Bacteria in burn wound, antibiotic sensitivity pattern, associated risk factors among burn patients admitted to Surgical wards and Plastic surgery unit, Teaching Hospital JaffnaRupasinghe, C.S.; Gnanakarunyan, T.J.; Ramachandran, R.; Sarma, S.T.; Pallavan, E.; Surenthirakumaran, R.
2021Clinicopathological Profile of Urological Malignancies at Teaching Hospital in Jaffna Peninsula of Northern Sri LankaBalagobi, B.; Sarma, S.T.; Sathesan, B.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Ladsiyan, M.; Shangarie, R.
2022A young patient with prostatic carcinoma with testicular metastasisBalagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Sarma, S.T.; Brammah, R.T.; Jenil, A.
2014Boerhaave’s syndrome: Conservative management followed early diagnosisBalagobi, B.; Raviraj, S.; Sarma, S.T.
2018Assessing the attitude and knowledge regarding usage of WHO surgery check list among health care personnel working in the operating theatres in teaching hospital, JaffnaAhilan, N.; Sarma, S.T.; Ambalavanar, D.C.; Gobishangar, S.
2021Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour : report of a rare form of bladder tumourBalagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Sarma, S.T.; Ginige, A.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Sanjeyan, J.; Suvethini, L.
2021Giant Mullerian duct cyst in an adult presented as symptomatic pelvic mass: a case reportBalagobi, B.; Sarma, S.T.; Sriluxayini, M.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Sanjeyan, J.; Suvethini, L.