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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Pattern of heart diseases among patients referred to a paediatric cardiology clinic in Sri Lanka, the situation from 2010 to 2012Bandara, I.R.; Karunarathna, W. A. D. W.; Dharmadasa, D. S. P.; Pathirana, Y. P. I. S.; Vinojan, S.; Ranaweera, S. P. A. L.; Bandara, K. M. G. K.
2017Comparison of Endo Venous Laser Therapy (EVLT) alone or in combination with phlebectomy(MSA) or chemical ablation(ST) for long saphenous and tributary veins. Is there a difference?Vinojan, S.; Gooneratne, T.D.; Ediriweera, C.P.; Prasath, S.; Ubayasiri, R.A.
2016Descriptive study on behavior of staff on reserving blood for trauma patients in anticipation of transfusion from the casualty surgical ward in teaching hospital JaffnaLavanya, S.; Vinojan, S.
2022Case report - a rare cause of fatal acute abdomen-celiac artery aneurysmDhadchayini, R.; Vinojan, S.; Suthagaran, V.; Thulasi, T.
2017Peripheral arterial bypass surgery: two year outcome at teaching hospital, Karapitiya (THK).Vinojan, S.
2015Descriptive study of pattern and outcome of hip fracture in elderly patients admitted to Teaching Hospital Jaffna.Vinojan, S.; Gobyshanger, T.; Raveekaran, A.; Lavanya, S.
2014Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia: early outcome of a prospective series in a tertiary referral centre in Sri LankaWijesurendere, C.N.; Vinojan, S.; Banagala, A.S.K.
2016Descriptive study of fracture patterns in elderly patients following falls admitted to Teaching hospital Jaffna.Vinojan, S.; Gobyshanger, T.; Raveekaran, A.; Lavanya, S.
2015Descriptive study of patterns of osteoporotic fractures in patients admitted to Teaching Hospital JaffnaVinojan, S.; Gobyshanger, T.; Raveekaran, A.; Lavanya, S.
2017Outcome of major lower limb amputation- A perspective on post amputation rehabilitation. Do the end justify the means?Nishanthan, A.A.; Gooneratne, T.D.; Vinojan, S.; Prasath, S.; Ubayasiri, R.A.