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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei from different sources of starch hydrolysatesSenthuran, A.; Balasingam, V.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
1999Lactic acid production in recycle batch reactor using immobilized lactobacillus casei and its downstream processingSenthuran, A.
2014Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia: early outcome of a prospective series in a tertiary referral centre in Sri LankaWijesurendere, C.N.; Vinojan, S.; Banagala, A.S.K.
2007Large laboratory scale production of amylase by bacillus licheniformis ATCC 6346Vengadaramana, A.
1999Large scale fermentation of palmyrah molasses by a novel processBalakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
1998Large scale preparation of crystalline glucose from raw starch in corn flourArasaratnam, Vasanthy; Sritharan, K.; Nithiyanantharajah, N.; Balasubramaniam, K.
1982Leprosy in the village of Kattupulam in JaffnaYoganathan, S.; Sivarajah, N.
1994Let us eat local food(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2021Level of perceived satisfaction with acute pain management among the patients with fracture of long bones in Teaching Hospital JaffnaHeerthikan, K.; Jayalath, N.T.; Thivera, M.; Wanninayaka, W.M.O.G.; Pavithra, M.; Coonghe, PAD; Ambalavanar, D.C.
2018Level of practice, knowledge and influencing factors on preconception care among newly married women in Jaffna MOH divisionLiqa, R.F.; Geerthanna, Y.; Muhunthan, K.; Murali, V.
2020Level of risk of pressure ulcers and influencing factors among elderly residents of the State Elders’ Home, KaithadyAchuthan, S.; Saravanan, S.; Thadshajini, K.; Coonghe, PAD; Suganthan, N.
2018Levels of engagement in physical activity, barriers, and associated socio-demographic factors among Jaffna University undergraduatesLuxman, T.; inthujan, S.; Coonghe, PAD; Kumanan, T.; Kumar, R.
2018Life skills competency levels and associated socio-demographic factors among G.C.E O/L students in the Sandilipay Education Division.Sayini, B.; Abirami, A.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2019Limb Salvage in Lower Extremity Arterial Disease: Experience from A Tertiary CentreVinojan, S.; Buddhima, Jayawickerama; Arc Gnanaretnam, Hyrin; Bandara, Gayan; Weerasekara, Amila; Cassim, Rezni; Wijerathne, Mandhika
2014Lipid profile among adults in Jaffna districtSivarathy, A.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2006The Location of coronary arterial ostia in the normal hearts of Sri LankansUdhayakumar, S.
2014Location of superior and inferior parathyroid glands in relation to the midpoint of isthmus of thyroid and tracheal ringsNiranjan, R.; Udhayakumar, S.; Surangi, G.; Yasawardene, S.G.
2020Locomotor Brachialis: a clinical peep into atherosclerosis and hypertension mediated organ damage in the elderlyKumanan, T.; Sreeharan, Nadarajah
2021Low uptake of COVID-19 prevention behaviours and high socioeconomic impact of lockdown measures in South Asia: evidence from a large-scale multi-country surveillance programmeKusuma, Dian; Pradeepa, Rajendra; Khawaja, Khadija I.; Kumarendran, B.
2013Lung function parameters of muslim students at university of JaffnaBalasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.