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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Improvement of Bacillus pumilus for higher Xylanase production by mutationKapilan, R.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1995Improvement of the thermal stability of immobilized alpha amylase by coupling with prolineArasaratnam, Vasanthy; Balasubramaniam, K.
2011Improvement of xylanase production by Bacillus pumilus under submerged fermentationSubajini, J.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1998Improving corn malting and preparation of malt extract using exogenous and endogenous amylasesArasaratnam, Vasanthy; Ketheeswary, Nithiyanantharajah; Balasubramaniam, K.
2008Improving malting of a local variety of rice (Mottaikkaruppan) and analysis of biochemical changes occurring during maltingSubajiny, Veluppillai; Ketheeswary, Nithiyanantharajah; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2005Improving naringinase production by Aspergillus niger B13Senthuran, A.; Ketheeswary, Nithiyanantharajah; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2014Improving thermostable a-amylase production by bacillus RB4Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Thayananthan, K.
2001Improving trypsin coupling to Eudragit S-100 while avoiding non-specific protein bindingArasaratnam, Vasanthy
2015In Ovo Delivery of CpG DNA Reduces Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Induced Mortality and MorbidityThapa, Simrika; Abdul Cader, Mohamed Sarjoon; Murugananthan, Kalamathy; Nagy, Eva; Sharif, Shayan; Czub, Markus; Abdul-Careem, Mohamed Faizal
2020In vitro antiurolithic effect of Siddha drugs with and without adjuvant on oxalate stonesLiyanawaduge, R.M.; Sivagnanam, S.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2018The incidence of Injuries and knowledge, attitude and practice of basic first aid measures among undergraduate students of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture, University of JaffnaKarunarathne, K.A.D.R.; Lankathilaka, N.M.S.S.; Premakrishna, S.; Sivarajah, N.
2018Incidence of sharp injury among doctors at Teaching hospital Jaffna in two months period, previous exposure, associated factors and their awareness of consequence and immediate managementMithuran, E.; Upendran, N.; Sivarajah, N.; Ambalavanar, V.
2013An incidental finding of congenital methaemoglobinaemia in a patient with an allergyKumara, K.G.A.; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.
2008Including curries to basic foods alter the glycemic indicesPirasath, S.; Thayananthan, K.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Sivarajah, N.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2013Including side dishes to traditional main meals alter the glycaemic indexPirasath, S.; Thayananthan, K.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2010Increasing the ethanol content of wine by fed-batch processVijayaratnam, J.; Ketheeswary, Nithiyanantharajah; Vasantharuba, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2005Increasing α-amylase activity of thermo stable enzyme produced by strain ВɌ1Senthuran, A.; Thayananthan, K.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
2017Industrial applications of bacterial Xylanases: a reviewKapilan, R.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy
1985Infant deaths in a health unit area of Northern Sri LankaSivagnanasundram, C.; Sivarajah, N.; Wijayaratnam, A.
2020Infection control : a guide for health care institutions in communitySurenthirakumaran, R.; Sasrubi, S.; Sasitharan, Shayuthan