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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Can I become a mature girl overnight(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2020Cancer awareness (Tamil)Surenthirakumaran R., (Compiler)
1999Cancer care in JaffnaSivarajah, N.
2019Cancer(Tamil)Surenthirakumaran R., (Compiler)
2019Cardiac Manifestations of Thevetia peruviana Poisoning: A Descriptive Study from Northern Sri LankaPirasath, Selladurai; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.; Guruparan, M.
2020Cardiogenic shock with severe myocardial injury: A rare presentation of LeptospirosisPerera, I.A.; Lakshman, P.; Kumanan, T.; Suganthan, N.
2018Cardiogenic Shock: An Unusual Initial Presentation of Churg-Strauss SyndromeApirami, M.; Pradeepan, J.A.; Kumanan, T.; Guruparan, M.; Selvaratnam, G.
2022Cardiovascular Health and Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter: A Cross Sectional Study from ELSA-BrasilSantos, I.S; NIHR Global Health Research Group; Kumarendran, B; Kumaran, S; Surenthirakumaran, R
2021Caregiver burden and the coping mechanisms among the primary caregivers of people diagnosed with dementiaMahinthan, K.; Kamsika, M.; Thuvaraha, M.; Amarakoon, A.M.M.R.; Piyarathna, H.D.C.A.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayogan, S.
2021Caring for dementia: a burden? a cross sectional study on the primary caregivers who are in contact with the Mental Health Unit at Teaching Hospital JaffnaMahinthan, K.; Kamsika, M.; Thuvaraha, M.; Piyarathna, H.D.C.J.; Amarakoon, A.M.M.R.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayokan, S.; Sivakanthan, S.
2017Carotid end arterectomy for symptomatic carotid stenosis: early and mid-term outcomes from a single centre seriesVinojan, S.; Gooneratne, T.D.; Wijerathne, T.; Ediriweera, C.P.; Ubayasiri, R.A.
2018A Case of fatal acute fatty liver of pregnancy and literature reviewPerera, Irushna Antonette; Pradeepan, J.A.; Mayorathan, Uruthirapasupathy; Kumanan, T.; Muhunthan, K.; Selvaratnam, G.
2019A case of large, benign, solitary fibrous tumour of the prostate causing obstructive uropathyde Silva, G.P.U.P.; Wanasinghe, W.M.M.A.; Ambegoda, A.L.A.M.C.; Kumara, M.G.S.R.; Balagobi, B.; Sosai, C.S.P.; Abeygunasekera, A.M.
2016A Case of late single fetus demise in dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancyThuvarathipan, R.; Mahendran, T.; Guruparan, Kandiah; Muhunthan, K.
2014A Case of Pregnancy in a Noncommunicating Rudimentary Horn with Unicornuate UterusPushpakaknthan, E.J.; Ethayarooban, I.; Saravanabhava, N.; Guruparan, Kandiah
2022Case report - a rare cause of fatal acute abdomen-celiac artery aneurysmDhadchayini, R.; Vinojan, S.; Suthagaran, V.; Thulasi, T.
2015A case report of peripartum cardiomyopathy in an asymptomatic female in her third trimester of pregnancyJayawardena, G.R.M.U.G.P.; Guruparan, Krisnapillai; Gamage, R.S.; Ratnasiri, U.D.P.
2021A case report of post-surgical page kidney due to extensive renal hematoma following percutaneous nephrolithotomySivashankar, Meganathan; Balagobi, B.; Perera, Neville D.; Nalin Ruvinda, Palehepitiya Gamage
2021Case Report: Rare presentation of invasive mole following term pregnancy after assisted reproductionRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.; Kabileshan, P.
2018Case Review of Melioidosis in a Tertiary Care Centre from Northern Sri LankaPirasath, S; Pradeepan, J.A.; Kumanan, T.