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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Assessment of parents’ or guardians’ satisfaction of in-patient health care provided to their children in a single unit at a tertiary care hospitalUmasankar, N.
2021Assessment of parents’ or guardians’ satisfaction of in-patient health care provided to their children in a tertiary care hospital.Umasankar, N.
2018Association between mothers' nutrition related knowledge, attitudes, practices and the weight and height of 3-5 age children in Nallur MOH areaDassanayake, D.M.R.C.; Thenuka, N.; Umasankar, N.; Sivashankar, J.T.
2023Awareness of autism spectrum disorder among final year medical students and public health midwivesUmasankar, N.; Gobika, P.; Kalaichelvi, P.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2019Disease burden of Rheumatic Heart Disease among children attending the Paediatric Cardiology Unit, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.Vinajagamoorthy, S.Arunthava; Umasankar, N.; Ragunathan, I.R.
2022Disease burden of specific viral aetiology in bronchiolitis, and the correlation of it to the severity in a single unit.Vithusikan, C.; Mahinthini, S.; Midhuna, U.; Shafna, U.A.; Umasankar, N.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2018Impact of bronchial asthma on life styles in children with bronchial asthma in a tertiary care unitUmasankar, N.
2022Impact of covid 19 on the education and health of schooling children in Sri Lanka : a multi-provincial studyDayasiri, Kavinda; Thadchanamoorthy, V.; Kankananarachchi, Imalke; Umasankar, N.; Dassanayake, Senuri; Gunasekara, Sonali; Mettananda, Sachith
2021Impact of Covid 19 preventive measures on hospital admission due to respiratory illness in children at professorial Paediatric unit Teaching Hospital Jaffna.Umasankar, N.
2017Kawasaki disease shock syndrome: three casesSathiadas, M.G.; Umasankar, N.; Ragunathan, Reginold; Thangarajah, Kasthuri
2020Knowledge and attitudes towards adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and associated sociodemographic factors among mothers with young children in the paediatric wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaJaskhan, A.J.M.; Saeeth, M.A.M.; Boshakanth, K.; Coonghe, PAD; Umasankar, N.
2022Maternal factors associated with low birth weight among deliveries registered in 2020 in t he Nallur Medical Officer of Health, Sri LankaCoonghe, PAD; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Kumarendran, B.; Kesavan, R.; Muhunthan, K.; Umasankar, N.; Pearce, N.; Nithyananda, S.; Lawlor, D.A.; Sivaganesh, S.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Sasrubi, S.
2022Maternal perceptions of their children’s screen time and its correlates among children attending Child Welfare Clinics in Jaffna Municipal Council MOH areaDeemanthika, S.; Kaveenshan, P.; Pushpanjali, V.; Puviluxshan, R.; Prabodhani, I.; Umasankar, N.; Kumarendran, B.
2016Maternal stress level when a baby is admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at Teaching Hospital Jaffna and the influence of maternal and infant characteristics on this levelUmasankar, N.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2023Metabolic derangements and its association with the level of physical activity in obese and overweight children aged 8-14 years at Teaching Hospital, JaffnaThavaranjiny, S.; Umasankar, N.; Sathiadas, M.G.
2024Pathways to accessing healthcare and associated factors among young febrile children admitted to the pediatric wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaRishad, M.H.M.; Faseeha, S.F.; Aathil Ahamed, Y.; Wijayabandara, S.G.M.U.S.; Mhathulaa, K.; Kumar, R.; Umasankar, N.
2020Poor Domestic Smoke Ventilation is associated With an Increased Risk of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Sri Lankan ChildrenWhiteman, I.; Jones, A.; Selvarajah, K.; De Silva, C.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Umasankar, N.; Osmond, C.; Phillips, D.; Ragunathan, R.
2022Randomized controlled parallel arm clinical trial comparing humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy and conventional treatment in infants with moderate and severe bronchiolitisUmasankar, N.; Gowrinesan, Y.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Thiyahiny, S.N.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Srisaravanapavananthan, N.