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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adaptation and Validation of the Tamil (Sri Lanka) Version of the Montreal Cognitive AssessmentCoonghe, PAD; Fonseka, P.; Sivayokan, S.; Keshavaraj, A.
2022Adjustment difficulties, loneliness, and associated factors among freshers at the Faculty of Medicine, University of JaffnaAbewickrama, E.T.M.; Anoosa Banu, M.A.; Karunarathna, R.M.D.N.; Kumara, A.G.O.D.; Vivarjitha, K.; Kumar, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2022An audit of the consultation-liaison psychiatric services in a tertiary hospital in Sri Lanka: An interim quarterly reportSivayokan, S.; Vaitheki, U.; Kalaichelvi, P.; Sivayokan, B.
2024Body image dissatisfaction and social anxiety among Jaffna medical studentsNilani, S.; Krishika, P.; Bandara, S.M.S.H.; Madushika, D.M.D.U.; Kulenthiran, I.; Kumar, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2022The boon for hope and hard work: A case illustration of autism recovery in JaffnaTharmila, S.; Hasthanee, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2021Caring for dementia: a burden? a cross sectional study on the primary caregivers who are in contact with the Mental Health Unit at Teaching Hospital JaffnaMahinthan, K.; Kamsika, M.; Thuvaraha, M.; Piyarathna, H.D.C.J.; Amarakoon, A.M.M.R.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayokan, S.; Sivakanthan, S.
2024Challenges and associated factors of being a Nursing Officer in the Teaching Hospital JaffnaHajeekaran, L.; Keerthika, Y.; Kavindu Hansaka, M.A.W.; Uvashri, T.; Thayashakhary, A.; Kumarendran, B.; Sivayokan, S.
2023The Characteristics of Autistic Children Attending a Neuro-Developmental Center in Northern Sri LankaBhavana, Sivayokan; Sivayokan, S.; Kumanan, T.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Tharmila, Sivapathamoorthy
2019Coping pattern and related selected factors among parents of children with autism attending to a special school in Northern Sri LankaCoonghe, PAD; Sobitha, S.; Thashika, K.; Mythili, T.; Sivayokan, S.
2022Depression, Disability, and Cognitive Impairment Among Elders With Medical Illnesses Attending Follow-Up Clinics at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern Sri LankaSivayokan, Bhavana; Somasiri, N. C.; Mahendrarajah, N.; Gunarathna, A. I.; Coonghe, PAD; Suganthan, N.; Sivayokan, S.
2022Dysfunctional breathing: an emerging trend in somatizationSivayokan, S.; Sivathas, S.; Kalaichelvi, P.
2020Effect of head injury and influencing factors and cognitive function of patients attending neurosurgical clinic teaching hospital, JaffnaKrishnananthan, C.K.; Sivayokan, S.; Ragavan, S.; Jegapragash, V.
2023Establishing a novel partnership model to deploy health services for children with autism in a low-resource setting – experience from Sri LankaBhavana, Sivayokan; Sivayokan, S.; Kumanan, T.; Sathiadas, M.G.; Sreeharan, Nadarajah
2022Examining post-conflict stressors in northern Sri Lanka: A qualitative studyThomas, Fiona C.; D’souza, Malasha; Magwood, Olivia; Thilakanathan, Dusharani; Sukumar, Viththiya; Doherty, Shannon; Dass, Giselle; Sivayokan, S.; Kirupakaran, Sivalingam
2020Facebook addiction and associated factors among science undergraduates who use Facebook at University of JaffnaNarmithajini, K.; Wathsala, K.M.G.G.K.; Keethaalayan, T.; Kumar, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2020Knowledge on postpartum depression and its management and factors associated with knowledge among midwives in the Jaffna districtBalapaskaran, T.; Kamalarupan, L.; Sivayokan, S.
2018Life skills competency levels and associated socio-demographic factors among G.C.E O/L students in the Sandilipay Education Division.Sayini, B.; Abirami, A.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Sivayokan, S.
2021Prevalence and correlates of depression, cognitive impairment and disability among elderly medical clinic attendeesBhavana, Sivayokan; Somasiri, W.G.N.C.; Gunarathna, W.G.M.M.A.I.; Thayananthi, M.; Nihanatha, M.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayokan, S.; Suganthan, N.
2018Psychological status of institutionalized elders in Elders' Home Kaithady, JaffnaSuthasini, S.; Hasthanee, R.; Sivayokan, S.; Murali, V.
2021A Study on the prevalence of and correlation between depression, cognitive impairment, and disability among elderly clinic attendeesBhavana, Sivayokan; Somasiri, W.G.N.C.; Gunarathna, W.G.M.M.A.I.; Thayananthi, M.; Nihanatha, M.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayokan, S.; Suganthan, N.