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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Articular distribution, associated socio-demographic factors and the pattern of comorbidities among rheumatoid arthritis patients attending the Rheumatology Clinic at Teaching Hospital JaffnaHadgie, T.R.H.; Karunarathna, M.S.A.; Nilojan, M.; Murali, V.; Kumaran, S.; Aravinthan, N.
2018Assess the nutritional status and influencing socio economic, demographic factors, duration of Chronic Kidney Disease and length of time on dialysis in Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are undergoing hemodialysis at hemodialysis unit in Teaching Hospital Jaffna.Rikkaz, M.K.M.; Ilyas, M.A.M.; Murali, V.; Weerakody, R.
2018Association of playing mobile game with academic performance of students of selected faculties of the University of JaffnaMerjiny, S.; Jenitha, J.; Murali, V.; Sivakanthan, S.
2021Factors associated with the patients’ attitudes towards medical students’ involvement in patient care among inward patients in the medical wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaVaishnavi, T.; Sathurvethan, P.; Pavithra, M.; Viduranga, M.N.; Dayarathne, P.W.M.J.C.; Murali, V.; Sivakanthan, S.; Sivansuthan, S.
2018Knowledge and attitude of Jaffna University undergraduates towards Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) infectionMadushan, K.A.D.; Kumari, M.H.; Mendis, D.; Murali, V.
2018Knowledge, attitude, practice about dengue and associating sociodemographic factor among the advanced level school students in Jaffna Educational DivisionThuvaragan, B.; Thiruvarangan, S.; Peranantharajah, T.; Murali, V.
2021Knowledge, attitude, practice, anxiety and associated sociodemographic factors towards COVID-19 pandemic among selected categories of healthcare workers in base hospitals of Jaffna DistrictAsra, A.C.F.; Vithursana, S.; Thimothy, Y.; Haleema, N.M.N.; Rasnayake, R.M.S.R.K.; Murali, V.; Sivathas, S.
2018Level of practice, knowledge and influencing factors on preconception care among newly married women in Jaffna MOH divisionLiqa, R.F.; Geerthanna, Y.; Muhunthan, K.; Murali, V.
2020Online video gaming and associated personal and academic factors among G.C.E. A/L students of Jaffna Educational DivisionHamsavakini, N.; Dhadchayini, R.; Samarasinghe, S.A.N.D.; Murali, V.; Menaka, S.
2020Performance in mathematics among Grade 11 students in the Kopay Educational Division, JaffnaPerera, K.N.K.; Silva, H.P.G.W.L.D.; Pathmanathan, A.; Murali, V.; Nithlavarnan, A.
2020Prevalence and associated factors of myopia among grade 10 students in the Karaveddy Education DivisionRajharan, A.; Laasim, M.L.; Babeitha, B.; Murali, V.; Chandrakumar, S.T.S.
2021Prevalence of common menstrual problems and their association with psychological stress among the female medical students of University of JaffnaAthithyan, R.; Fernando, M.T.K.C.; Kinosha, L.; Srimanne, D.N.P.W.; Thushara, T.; Murali, V.; Bhavani, G.
2018The prevalence, risk factors of football related injuries among the Vadamaradchi football league players and the treatment facilities available for themVishnuprasath, V.; Nilakshan, Y.; Arivuchelvan, S.; Murali, V.
2018Psychological status of institutionalized elders in Elders' Home Kaithady, JaffnaSuthasini, S.; Hasthanee, R.; Sivayokan, S.; Murali, V.
2018Quality of drinking water available to students of schools in the Thenmaradchi Education Zone and factors associated with quality of waterJeyamaruthy, J.; Tharjiga, M.; Murali, V.; Prabagar, J.