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2021Association between knowledge on solid waste management and solid waste management practices in state sector institutions in Jaffna municipal council areaResearch abstractThuvaragah, S.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Challenges in adapting to English medium learning among first to fourth year medical students of the University of JaffnaResearch abstract(Poster)Kumar, M.S.; Subhashini, S.M.P.; Swasthiga, S.; Sivakanthan, S.; Kumarendran, B.
2021The clinical and epidemiological features of patients with liver abscess attended to the Teaching Hospital Jaffna from August 2018 to August 2020Research abstractMary Sureska, G.; Jayala, C.J.J.; Jerom, M.A.; Pranavan, S.; Gunasiri, R.M.P.G.; Kumarendran, B.; Kannathasan, S.
2021Exclusive breastfeeding rate and associated factors among mothers attending Child Welfare Clinics in Jaffna Municipal Council MOH areaResearch abstractYathushan, V.; Dinoshiga, K.; Suhirthan, N.; Seerdini, K.; Udenaka, DMT; Rajeev, G.; Kumarendran, B.
2020The factors associated with anaemia among pregnant women in the first trimester attending antenatal clinics at Teaching Hospital JaffnaResearch abstractMayoori, G.; Ransika, T.; Sarugan, R.; Guruparan, Kandiah; Kumarendran, B.
2020Factors associated with contraceptive prevalence among staff of the District Secretariat Office JaffnaResearch abstract(Poster)Karunarathne, R.M.M.D.; Keerththanan, V.; Jothika, B.; Kumarendran, B.; Sritharan, A.
2022Food environments and obesity: a geospatial analysis of the South Asia Biobank, income and sex inequalitiesJournal full textAtanasova, Petya; Kusuma, Dian; Pineda, Elisa; Anjana, Ranjit Mohan; De Silva, Laksara; Kumarendran, B.
2021Formative research to design an implementation strategy for a postpartum hemorrhage initial response treatment bundle (E-MOTIVE): study protocolJournal full textBohren, M.A.; Lorencatto, F.; Coomarasamy, A.; Althabe, F.; Devall, A. J.; Evans, C.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Knowledge and practice of edible salt usage among female staff of the Jaffna Municipal CouncilResearch abstractSaravanan, R.; Dinushiyan, V.; Hidhayathullah, M.N.N.; Kumarendran, B.; Sujanitha, Vathulan
2020Knowledge, attitude, and practice of breast self-examination among female staff in selected divisional secretariats of the Jaffna districtResearch abstractAnuradha, R.M.L.; Roshington, J.E.; Anusika, S.; Suthagaran, V.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Knowledge, attitude, and practices of sugar intake among medical students of the University of JaffnaResearch abstract(Poster)Jashmy, G.; Nazeera, S.; Mufaza, M.; Aravinthan, M.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Knowledge, attitude, practice and associated factors of fever management among mothers of children admitted to the paediatric wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaResearch abstract(Poster)Thevanihedan, P.; Sutharshana, J.S.; Rinosha, S.F.; Arulmoli, S.K.; Kumarendran, B.
2021Low uptake of COVID-19 prevention behaviours and high socioeconomic impact of lockdown measures in South Asia: evidence from a large-scale multi-country surveillance programmeJournal full textKusuma, Dian; Pradeepa, Rajendra; Khawaja, Khadija I.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Participation in pre-pregnancy counselling among primi women attending antenatal clinics at Teaching Hospital JaffnaResearch abstractSenevirathne, B.P.K.L.; Gulegoda, S.W.G.; Garchicca, S.; Sritharan, A.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Patients’ perceptions on the attire of medical students and its associated factors in the medical wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaResearch abstractMadhubhashini, S.; Piranavan, S.; Sivarajah, T.; Kumaran, S.; Kumarendran, B.
2021Polycystic ovary syndrome, combined oral contraceptives, and the Risk of Dysglycemia: a population-based cohort study with a nested pharmacoepidemiological case-control studyJournal abstractKumarendran, B.; O'Reilly, Michael W.; Subramanian, Anuradhaa; Šumilo, Dana; Toulis, Konstantinos; Gokhale, Krishna M.; Wijeratne, Chandrika N.; Coomarasamy, Arri; Tahrani, Abd A; Azoulay, Laurent; Arlt, Wiebke; Nirantharakumar, Krishnarajah
2020Pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index and gestational weight gain among pregnant women admitted to Teaching Hospital JaffnaResearch abstractRishan, M.I.M.; Sajier, M.S.A; Mayoorika, K.; Bavani, G.; Kumarendran, B.
2020Usage of electronic resources for academic purposes among the medical students of University of JaffnaResearch abstractAriyhan, V.; Nisala, M.P.; Lavanya, V.; Kumarendran, B.; Murugananthan, Arumugam
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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