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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessing the attitude and knowledge regarding usage of WHO surgery check list among health care personnel working in the operating theatres in teaching hospital, JaffnaAhilan, N.; Sarma, S.T.; Ambalavanar, D.C.; Gobishangar, S.
2010Demographic analysis of thyroid malignancies in a single surgical unit,teaching hospital JaffnaGobishangar, S.; Jayanthan, N.; Raviraj, S.
2012Descriptive study on early post operative complications of trans-anal haemorrhoidal de-arterialisation(THD)Prasath, Subramaniyam; Gobishangar, S.; De Silva, Ajith
2017Diagnostic laparoscopy and appendicectomy in chronic right iliac fossa pain of undetermined origin : Are we alleviate the pain?Gobishangar, S.
2018Evaluation in the management of cholidochlithiasis (common bile duct stones)Gobishangar, S.
2020Iatrogenic ureteric injury complicated with large life threatening retro-peritoneal abscess, treated with minimal invasive techniques : a case reportNitharsanan, M.; Jenill, A.A.; Balagobi, B.; Ketheeswary, S.; Rogilson, A.A.; Gobishangar, S.
2022Impact of microscopic intermediate sub inguinal varicocelectomy on varicocele and infertilityBalagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Vinojan, S.; Charles, J. C.
2022Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour : case report of a rare form of bladder tumourBalagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Anusha, Ginige; Dayal, Gamlaksha; Sanjeyan, Jeyarajah; Suvethini, L.
2021Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour : report of a rare form of bladder tumourBalagobi, B.; Gobishangar, S.; Sarma, S.T.; Ginige, A.; Gamlaksha, D.S.; Sanjeyan, J.; Suvethini, L.
2016Need of sentinel node biopsy in Jaffna for better surgical management of breast cancer patientsGobishangar, S.; Sivasuganthan, K.
2019Outcome and early complications of ERCP in a single surgical unit : prospective studyGobishanth, M.; Gobishangar, S.; Srisana, G.
2021Pancreatic Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a rare cause for obstructive jaundice. a case reportsPragalathan, B.; Indranath, K.; Jenil, A.A.; Gobishangar, S.
2016Pattern of breast carcinoma presentation in Northern ProvinceGobishangar, S.; Sivasuganthan, K.
2013A prospective study of surgical site infection in university surgical site unit teaching hospital JaffnaGobishangar, S.; Raviraj, S.; Thileebphan, B.; Pratheepan, G.
2013A rare cause of acute abdomen:torsion of a second spleenGobishangar, S.; Raviraj, S.
2016A study on evaluation of etiological factors that causing acute and chronic pancreatitis among patients who admitted to Teaching Hospital, JaffnaGobishangar, S.; Vishnukanth, M.