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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Reference values for blood pressure of healthy Sri Lankan Tamil children in Jaffna DistrictVasikaran, N.; Puvana, A.; Shobijah, K.; Balasubramaniam, M.; Nusra, M.P.F.; Sivapalan, K.
2018Reference values for blood pressure of healthy Sri Lankan Tamil children in the Jaffna districtSooriyakanthan, M.; Vasikaran, N.; Puvana, A.; Shobijah, K.; Nusra, M.P.F.; Sivapalan, K.
2005Reproductive healthSivapalan, K.
2003Reproductive health : anatomy, physiology, and adolescence[Tamil]Sivapalan, K.
2019Simple visual, choice and discrimination reaction times of young adults and correlation with intelligence quotient and working memorySooriyakanthan, M.; Aravinthan, V.; Kajananan, S.; Thuvaraga, P.; Nimalan, S.; Sivapalan, K.
2008Sleep wellSivapalan, K.
1994Sleep with dream is essential for the brain to function properly(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2017Spirometric values of healthy Sri Lankan Tamil children aged 14 to 20 years in Northern province of Sri Lanka: a preliminary resultsBalasubramaniam, M.; Wimalasekera, S.W.; Sivapalan, K.
2017Students' perception of integrating neuroanatomy and neurophysiology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna.Sanchayan, S.; Ambikaipakan, Sakunthaladevi; Udhayakumar, S.; Sivapalan, K.
2014Thirukuralil maruththuvam(tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2014Ulnar nerve conduction parameters and the effect of age and gender on conduction velocity in carpal tunnel syndrome patientsBalasubramaniam, M.; Sivapalan, K.; Keshavaraj, A.
1994Use of alcohol at pupariyum: false belief.(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
1995Uses and problems of mouth(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.
2003Village health program for health education and environmental sanitationSivapalan, K.
1995Water balance of the body(Tamil)Sivapalan, K.