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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Association of playing mobile game with academic performance of students of selected faculties of the University of JaffnaMerjiny, S.; Jenitha, J.; Murali, V.; Sivakanthan, S.
2021Caring for dementia: a burden? a cross sectional study on the primary caregivers who are in contact with the Mental Health Unit at Teaching Hospital JaffnaMahinthan, K.; Kamsika, M.; Thuvaraha, M.; Piyarathna, H.D.C.J.; Amarakoon, A.M.M.R.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivayokan, S.; Sivakanthan, S.
2020Challenges in adapting to English medium learning among first to fourth year medical students of the University of JaffnaKumar, M.S.; Subhashini, S.M.P.; Swasthiga, S.; Sivakanthan, S.; Kumarendran, B.
2021Factors associated with the patients’ attitudes towards medical students’ involvement in patient care among inward patients in the medical wards of Teaching Hospital JaffnaVaishnavi, T.; Sathurvethan, P.; Pavithra, M.; Viduranga, M.N.; Dayarathne, P.W.M.J.C.; Murali, V.; Sivakanthan, S.; Sivansuthan, S.
2018Influence of socio-demographic factors and institutional infrastructure facilities on satisfaction of pregnant mothers attending ante-natal clinics in the Nallur MOH areaDissanayake, D.M.I.M.; Illangasinghe, U.S.; Nachinarkiniyan, C.S.; Sivakanthan, S.; Bavani, G.
2022Knowledge of substance use and the association of socio-economic factors among Advanced Level students in Jaffna Hindu College and Vembady Girls’ High SchoolSivalaxan, R.; Dissanayaka, D.M.K.G.S.M.; Seneviratne, S.S.M.; Nitharsana, J.; Thanusha, K.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Sivakanthan, S.; Sivathas, S.
2020Knowledge, attitude, and practice on first aid and their influencing factors among Advanced Level students of the Nallur Education Division, JaffnaPirathees, P.; Thibakar, S.; Dimbulana, S.S.H.M.Y.H.S.; Kesavan, R.; Sivakanthan, S.
2020Knowledge, attitude, and practices relating to nutrition and their associated factors among pregnant mothers in the Chankanai MOH areaAppuhamy, P.A.D.S.P.; Kumar, S.T.; Dharmasena, K.M.B.; Kesavan, R.; Sivakanthan, S.; Peranantharajah, T.
2018Parenting styles and their influence on behavioural problems of children aged between 10 to 14 years in the Nallur DS divisionSanjay, P.T.; Keerthan, M.; Younus, M.C.W.; Sivakanthan, S.; Sivashankar, J.T.
2018Prevalence of substance abuse and associated factors on substance abuse among G.C.E Advanced Level students in the Nallur Educational DivisionKamaladshan, S.; Thusiya, A.; Sivakanthan, S.; Surenthirakumaran, R.
2018Satisfaction of pregnant mothers on institutional infrastructure facilities in primary health care centers in Nallur MOH area, JaffnaDissanayake, D.M.I.M.; Illangasinghe, U.S.; Nachinarkiniyan, C.S.; Sivakanthan, S.; Bavani, G.
2020Socialization activities and quality of life among the elderly in Thirunelveli East PHM areaLaxchana, T.; Suganya, K.; Sangeerththan, S.; Coonghe, PAD; Sivakanthan, S.; Sivathas, S.
2021Stress, depression, anxiety, and associated factors among A/L students of the Karaveddy Educational Division, JaffnaAbinaya, S.; Sathyapireyan, V.; Jayasundara, J.P.S.; Ekanayake, S.A.M.S.; Mithirashree, S.; Sivakanthan, S.; Kumar, R.; Sivathas, S.
2018Study on psychological, socio-demographic and economic factors among the patients with common gynecological malignancies, attending the oncology clinic at Teaching Hospital Jaffna and Thellipalai Trail Cancer HospitalNawras, J.; Misraf, M.; Sivakanthan, S.; Nachinarkiniyan, C.S.
2022Trends, associated socio-demographic factors, and outcomes of teenage pregnancy in selected MOH areas in Jaffna DistrictHusni, N.M.; Nusha, M.N.F.; Senarathne, M.G.L.D.B.; Shifani, M.F.F.; Subasinghe, R.M.K.S.; Sivaganesh, S.; Sivakanthan, S.