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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Knowledge and attitude of Jaffna University undergraduates towards Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) infectionMadushan, K.A.D.; Kumari, M.H.; Mendis, D.; Murali, V.
2018Knowledge, attitude, practice about dengue and associating sociodemographic factor among the advanced level school students in Jaffna Educational DivisionThuvaragan, B.; Thiruvarangan, S.; Peranantharajah, T.; Murali, V.
2021Knowledge, attitude, practice, anxiety and associated sociodemographic factors towards COVID-19 pandemic among selected categories of healthcare workers in base hospitals of Jaffna DistrictAsra, A.C.F.; Vithursana, S.; Thimothy, Y.; Haleema, N.M.N.; Rasnayake, R.M.S.R.K.; Murali, V.; Sivathas, S.
2018Level of practice, knowledge and influencing factors on preconception care among newly married women in Jaffna MOH divisionLiqa, R.F.; Geerthanna, Y.; Muhunthan, K.; Murali, V.
2020Online video gaming and associated personal and academic factors among G.C.E. A/L students of Jaffna Educational DivisionHamsavakini, N.; Dhadchayini, R.; Samarasinghe, S.A.N.D.; Murali, V.; Menaka, S.
2020Performance in mathematics among Grade 11 students in the Kopay Educational Division, JaffnaPerera, K.N.K.; Silva, H.P.G.W.L.D.; Pathmanathan, A.; Murali, V.; Nithlavarnan, A.
2020Prevalence and associated factors of myopia among grade 10 students in the Karaveddy Education DivisionRajharan, A.; Laasim, M.L.; Babeitha, B.; Murali, V.; Chandrakumar, S.T.S.
2021Prevalence of common menstrual problems and their association with psychological stress among the female medical students of University of JaffnaAthithyan, R.; Fernando, M.T.K.C.; Kinosha, L.; Srimanne, D.N.P.W.; Thushara, T.; Murali, V.; Bhavani, G.
2022Prevalence of obesity and overweight and associated sociodemographic and work related factors among the staff working at Divisional Secretariat Offices, Nallur and Jaffna.Akalya, V.; Niroshan, T.; Ranaweera, R.A.K.D.P.; Sivatharshan, M.; Wickramasinghe, W.K.M.S.U.; Surenthirakumaran, R.; Murali, V.
2022Prevalence of overweight and obesity, associated factors, and weight reduction methods adopted by the Medical Students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of JaffnaAnuththara, H.K.P.S.; Bhanuka, R.; Gunathilaka, H.W.R.S.; Thanusiya, K.; Vejayashanth, S.; Murali, V.; Kumaran, S.
2018The prevalence, risk factors of football related injuries among the Vadamaradchi football league players and the treatment facilities available for themVishnuprasath, V.; Nilakshan, Y.; Arivuchelvan, S.; Murali, V.
2018Psychological status of institutionalized elders in Elders' Home Kaithady, JaffnaSuthasini, S.; Hasthanee, R.; Sivayokan, S.; Murali, V.
2018Quality of drinking water available to students of schools in the Thenmaradchi Education Zone and factors associated with quality of waterJeyamaruthy, J.; Tharjiga, M.; Murali, V.; Prabagar, J.