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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Borderline ovarian tumour- a case reportThuvarathipan, R.; Mahendran, T.; Guruparan, K.; Muhunthan, K.
2018A Case of fatal acute fatty liver of pregnancy and literature reviewPerera, Irushna Antonette; Pradeepan, J.A.; Mayorathan, U.; Kumanan, T.; Muhunthan, K.; Selvaratnam, G.
2016A Case of late single fetus demise in dichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancyThuvarathipan, R.; Mahendran, T.; Guruparan, K.; Muhunthan, K.
2021Case Report: Rare presentation of invasive mole following term pregnancy after assisted reproductionRaguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.; Kabileshan, P.
2023Cervical aggressive angiomyxoma – a rare case reportGuruparan, K.; Ginigeb, A.P.; Kowsikanth, K.; Muhunthan, K.
2016Clinical audit on effect of staff education on intrapartum analgesic practiceGuruparan, K.; Muhunthan, K.; Coonghe, PAD
2020Clinicopathological features of polycystic ovarian syndrome in adolescenceMuhunthan, K.; Guruparan, K.
2014Comparison of Birth Weight and Umbilical Cord Diameter of Male and Female NewbornsNiranjan, R.; Coonghe, PAD; Muhunthan, K.; Udhayakumar, S.
2012A comparison of the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome using three proposed definitionsVinitharan, V.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Muhunthan, K.
2014A Descriptive Study on Relationship between Engagement of Fetal Head and Selected Maternal and Fetal Parameters among Pregnancies in University Obstetric Unit, Teaching Hospital, Jaffna.Muhunthan, K.; Abarna, K.; Peratheepa, V.; Shampika, R.
2022Ectopic pregnancy following intracytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transfer (ICSI-ET)Raguraman, S.; Muhunthan, K.
2019Effectiveness of screening for gestational diabetes mellitus during third trimesterThanuya, M.; Muhunthan, K.
2017Endometrial stromal nodule-paradox tumour : a case reportGuruparan, K.; Muhunthan, K.
2016Ethics in the Setting Up of Obstetric HDU and ICUMuhunthan, K.; Arulkumaran, S.
2017Euglycaemic ketoacidosis in a non-diabetic primigravida following an appendicectomyDinushi, Dilanka Dikowita; Kumanan, T.; Muhunthan, K.; Arulmoli, Janaki
2015Fetal surveillance in labourHoththottuwa, Rohana; Muhunthan, K.; Arulkumaran, S.
2015Fundal Height MeasurementMuhunthan, K.; Arulkumaran, S.
2023Gender-based violence help desk services at Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, Sri LankaGuruparan, K.; Kumar, R.; Guruparan, Y.; Muhunthan, K.
2023Gender-based violence: A descriptive study on clients who sought help from the Gender-Based Violence Help Desk, Teaching Hospital, JaffnaGuruparan, K.; Kumar, R.; Guruparan, Y.; Muhunthan, K.
2017Harlequin ichthyosis: a case reportThuvarathipan, R.; Mahendran, T.; Guruparan, K.; Muhunthan, K.