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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Impact of COVID on Accessing Critical Care ServicesKumanan, T.
2022The impact of lockdowns and travel restrictions COVID 19 pandemics on glycaemic control of diabetic patients followed up at a tertiary care center from Northern Sri LankaPravinson, M.; Ghetheeswaran, S.; Kumanan, T.; Aravindhan, M.
2013Impact of medical adherence on blood glucose control and the factors influencing on medical adherence of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending to professorial medical clinic in teaching hospital JaffnaOzaal, AMOM; Vasikaran, N.; Kumanan, T.; Kumaran, S.
2021Impact of Non–Coronavirus -2019 (Non–COVID-19) respiratory disease hospital admissions: a single centre experienceSeelarathna, R.M.M.; Rajeshkannan, N.; Kumanan, T.
2019The impact of population mobility on dengue fever: an experience from northern Sri LankaKumanan, T.; Sujanitha, Vathulan; Rajeshkannan, Nadarajah
2012Impact of socio-economic and socio-demographic factors on nutritional status among G.C.E.(A/L) students in Jaffna zonal schoolsBright, B.P.; Balakumar, Sandrasegarampillai; Kandeepan, K.; Arasaratnam, Vasanthy; Kumanan, T.; Sutharsan, M.
2019Implications of new Hypertension Guidelines on resource poor healthcare systemsSreeharan, N.; Kumanan, T.; Sujanitha, K.; Guruparan, M.
2013An incidental finding of congenital methaemoglobinaemia in a patient with an allergyKumara, K.G.A.; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.
2016Interrupted aortic arch in an adultKumanan, T.; Guruparan, M.; Gnanakanthan, K.; Ratnayake, U.K.
2021Introduction of Western Medicine into Northern Sri Lanka: from Massachusetts to ManipayKumanan, T.; Sreeharan, Nadarajah
2017Involucrum –a rare pathological entity of chronic osteomyelitisPirasath, S.; Prasanth, A.S.; Kumanan, T.
2019The iron and testosterone levels in amoebic liver abscess patients - a preliminary study from northern Sri LankaArujun, R.; Kumanan, T.; Sujanitha, Vathulan
2018Isolataed Severe Methaemoglobinaemia: A Rare Presentation Of Indoxacarb PoisoningSakthilingham, Gajawathana; Ambalavanar, Ragupathy; Kumanan, T.; Ananthasayanan, Kiruththihan
2018Isolated Spinal Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis is a Close Mimic of Pott’s Disease in the TropicsAnushika Luckmy, Solangaarachchige; Kumanan, T.; Suganthan, N.; Selvaratnam, G.; Pathmini, Sheyamalan; Ranathunga, Niluka
2023Knowledge regarding the accurate measurement of blood pressure among intern medical officers practising at three teaching hospitals in Sri Lanka: A cross-sectional analysisSakthiraj, N.; Fernando, M.; Kumanan, T.; Paranamana, R.; Udara, Y.M.S.; Fernando, P.S.U.; Wijesinghe, N.; Rajeshkanan, N.; Ghetheeswaran, S.
2021Kounis Syndrome and Multiorgan Failure Following Multiple Wasp StingsPiratheepan, Navaradnam; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.; Sujanitha, Vathulan; Mayorathan, U.
2021Kounis Syndrome and multiorgan failure following multiple wasp stingsPiratheepan, Navaradnam; Suganthan, N.; Kumanan, T.; Sujanitha, Vathulan; Uruthirapasupathi, Mayorathan
2018Levels of engagement in physical activity, barriers, and associated socio-demographic factors among Jaffna University undergraduatesLuxman, T.; inthujan, S.; Coonghe, PAD; Kumanan, T.; Kumar, R.
2020Locomotor Brachialis: a clinical peep into atherosclerosis and hypertension mediated organ damage in the elderlyKumanan, T.; Sreeharan, Nadarajah
2016Macrodystrophia lipomatosa - rare congenital anomalyPirasath, S.; Kumanan, T.; Sivasithamparam, K.